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The Biggest "Little Dumpster" Company in Northern VA

Who we are:

Easy Bins is a veteran owned, family operated dumpster rental company. 

We specialize in driveway-sized roll-off dumpsters, and we service Northern VA, including Arlington County, Alexandria, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Prince William County, Stafford County, Fredericksburg, and parts of Fauquier County. 
(Please see all of our service areas.)

Easy Bins Dumpster Rentals Delivery Rig and Truck Dog

Why use us?

We are veterans, we are family, we are small business!

We only have 12- and 14-cubic yard dumpsters, but they fit nicely in your driveway (or tight spaces) where a larger bin can't. Further, our bins won't cause damage to your asphalt or concrete like a larger truck/dumpster could. 
(A customer mentioned that she'll use us because her septic line must be crossed to reach her house, and that "Big trucks" would damage it.) 

Often times, we hear people say, "I can get a 20-yard dumpster for the same price". We understand that this may be true, but many of the places we go, those trucks, and their dumpsters, don't. 
  • Townhouse Parking Spaces
  • Narrow Driveways
  • Winding (especially wooded) paths
  • Other limited delivery spaces

As a matter of standard practice, we always put down protective boards to ensure your driveway does not get damaged. (Evidently, the competition requires that YOU must specifically request this, or they will not do it. Thanks to our diligent customers that notified us of this.)
We are fast, efficient, reliable, and local. We pride ourselves on our ability to work within your time frame and specific needs.  We know the Northern VA area, as we've lived here most of our lives, and know the best roads to take, the best recycling centers to use, and what it takes to fit into your busy schedule. 

Our pricing is guaranteed to match or beat any national or out-of-state company.
We recycle, reuse, and/or donate all possible materials and items. 

If you do need a 20-yard or 30-yard dumpster, please feel free to contact us, and we'll refer you to an appropriate company to suit your needs.
571-357-EASY (3279)
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We are affiliated to the following National Dumpster Websites. Although, we appreciate their service to our industry, if you book through them, then you are paying additional overhead costs for their service. This also takes away from us, the local service providers.
Thus, we hope that you will choose to book directly with us!
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