Dumpster Rental Pricing

Our standard dumpster rental includes:
  • Delivery of a bin to one location, placed in a single location during the entire rental.
  • One pickup of the bin at the end of the rental
  • Bin debris is discarded, recycled, and/or re-purposed in a proper manner.
All activity is subject to our Dumpster Rental Terms & Conditions.
(Please read and understand them prior to ordering and/or loading. Thank you!)

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 Please choose one of the following rental options:

1. Homeowner Special

This rental includes all tonnage up to 2 Tons and 7 days.

This option is best for homeowners or cleanout projects where light items, like furniture, fixtures, children's toys, and/or home decorations are discarded.

2 Tons & 7 Days
Additional Days: $25/Day
Additional Tons: $75/Ton
2. Contractor Special

This rental includes all tonnage up to 3 Tons and 7 days.

This option is best for construction renovation projects where heavier items, like sheetrock, boards, tiles, appliances, and/or shingles are discarded.

3 Tons & 7 Days
Additional Days: $25/Day
Additional Tons: $75/Ton
3. Clean Bulk - Brush / Rock / Concrete / Dirt

This rental is for clean bulk materials that are discarded. The bin may only contain a single source of bulk material, and loaded to a max weight capacity of 5 Tons. (We are limited by the vehicle weight rating, not the volume of the bin.)

With this rental, we will only deliver a 12 cubic-yard bin, with the expectation that it will only be filled based on the expected weight of 5 tons. (Rock, concrete, and dirt will be a little less than half of the bin's volume. Brush is dependent on the size of the trunk and logs. NO STUMPS.)


$315 + $50/Ton

0 Tons & 7 Days
Additional Days: $25/Day
4. Load & Go:

This rental is for live loads of debris in a single bin while the driver waits for your team to load the bin, up to one hour. (Additional wait time is billed at $30/hour)

This is ideal for tight spaces or quick loading. The bin can stay on the trailer, or be placed on the ground, whichever is more convenient for your situation. 

Driver loading assistance is additional to the cost of the Load & Go at $30/hour.
(Driver assistance must be requested at time of booking to ensure proper scheduling)


2 Tons & 1 Hour
Additional Hours: $30/Hour
5. Full Service Load & Go:

This rental is for live loads of debris, in a single bin, and we perform all of the loading. The number of loaders is based on the expected debris.

The price listed is based on the expectation of filling a 14 cubic yard bin with a maximum of 2 Tons of debris. Additional tons are billed at $135/Ton

(Don't call Junk King, College Hunks Hauling Junk, 800-Got-Junk, as they are all national franchises that pay a franchise fee. Buy local and save!!)



14 CY or 2 Tons
Additional Tons: $135/Ton
Multiple Bins to the same location:

Any additional bins to the same project location, or empty of the current bin and returned is eligible for the following discount:

Swapped Bin:

In the case that we have an empty bin available to bring to your location and perform a swap, then the following discount applies:

*Only one discount is available per bin.  No discounts are combined.

$25 discount off Rental Price

$50 discount off Rental Price

 Call or Text Message to book! 571-357-3279


Additional Dumpster Services (Optional):


Bin Re-positioning

(In the case that Bin needs moved after the first drop. Example, project site moves from front of house to back of house, and desire the bin to move.)

$50 / 

Material Hauling

(Mulch, gravel, dirt, pavement millings, etc.)

$0.75 / mile

 As of 04/01/2017

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