Dumpster Rental Pricing

A standard dumpster rental includes the delivery of a bin to one location, and placed in a single location during the entire rental. At the end of the rental, the bin is removed and the debris is discarded, recycled, and/or re-purposed in a proper manner.

All activity is subject to our Dumpster Rental Terms & Conditions.
(Please read and understand them prior to ordering and/or loading. Thank you!)

 Standard Rental Costs:


Delivery of a 12- or 14-cy container
(Includes up to 7 Days)

It is important to note that the rental allows for up to 7 days, but there is not a discount for having the rental less than 7 days.

This is our "Internet Special Pricing" only, and must be mentioned when booking!


Tonnage Disposal Fee: ($/Ton Prorated)

Household/Construction: $75 
Brush: $70 

Additional Days (Optional):

 $25 / day


A 14 cubic-yard dumpster is delivered on a Monday. The customer fills the container with household items, like a couch, refrigerator, old books, clothes, and toys. The customer calls and requests three more days, extending the rental to Thursday, which is 3 extra days. 

On Thursday, the bin is picked-up, taken to the landfill,and there was 1.75 Tons of debris discarded.

 Example Cost Breakdown:

Rental Fee:      $ 300.00  

3 Extra Days:       $   75.00  

Tonnage Fee:      $ 131.25  


Total:        $ 506.25 

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Additional Dumpster Services (Optional):


Multiple Bins to the same location:

Any additional bins to the same project location, or empty of the current bin and returned is eligible for the following discount:

Swapped Bin:

In the case that we have an empty bin available to bring to your location and perform a swap, then the following discount applies:

*Only one discount is available per bin.  No discounts are combined.


$25 discount + Tonnage Fee

$50 discount + Tonnage Fee

Load & Go

Includes one bin, and 1 hours of driver wait time.
(Additional wait time is billed at $30/hour.)


$255 + Tonnage Fee

Driver LOAD time for Load & Go

This is additional to the cost of the Load & Go
(Driver assistance must be requested at time of booking
to ensure proper scheduling

$30 / hour

Bin Re-positioning

(In the case that Bin needs moved after the first drop. Example, project site moves from front of house to back of house, and desire the bin to move.)

$50 / 

Material Hauling

(Mulch, gravel, dirt, pavement millings, etc.)

$0.75 / mile

 As of 03/01/2015