Dumpster vs. Bagster

Post date: Mar 17, 2013 11:40:18 PM

So, you're considering purchasing a Bagster, or other similar product from your local hardware store? The price is appealing, and the promise of easy use lures you into to bringing one home. You unfurl it like a beach blanket and throw in a few objects. That's when you realize that you have to support the bag to add any further debris. From there, you find an unwilling assistant such as a sibling, child, or in-law, and they give you that look like, "Why didn't you just rent a dumpster?" And they bring it up at every social event and holiday gathering.

Renting a dumpster in Northern VA is always better than a Bagster

This Bagster has been seen populating a Northern VA driveway for several months. The owner has obviously found deep regret with their purchase, and leaves there as an everlasting reminder of their mistake.

As you observe this poor Bagster lying dormant, consider your purchase of one of these very carefully. Will it really do the job? Is there room for some of that excess stuff you have in the attic, basement, or storage shed? Getting a Bagster only seems like a good idea as you stand at the store counter, but after that, the buyers remorse and regret will consume you be the time you arrive home. Finally, you'll conclude that the time, effort, and cost could have been better applied to a dumpster rental, and your desired level of satisfaction will be easily achieved.

Easy Bins delivers to a home with another failed Bagster deployment

Its a shame to see homeowners swindled by the lure of easy debris removal, only to find out how inconvenient these really are. "Friends don't let friends Bagster."