Dumpster Rental Pricing

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We offer 12 -14 cubic yard bins.

The footprint of our dumpsters is 12' x 8', and the inside floor is 12' x 7', but is 8' wide at the top. The wall heights range from 3.5' to 4.5', and it is random as to which one you will receive. If you would like to specifically reserve a size, then please let us know several days in advance, and we can schedule it accordingly.

Our standard dumpster rental includes:

  • Delivery of either a 12 or 14cy bin to one location, placed in a single location, during the entire rental period.
  • One pickup of the bin at the end of the rental
  • Bin debris is discarded, recycled, and/or re-purposed in a proper manner.

Note: PayPal is our credit card merchant. You do NOT need to have a PayPal account, nor do you need to sign up for an account to perform payment. Si

mply enter your credit card information in the space provided on their payment page.

Call or send a Text Message to 571-357-3279, or email easybins@easy-bins.com

Price Sheet

The pricing options are as follows:

1. "Householder" - This rental includes one 12-14cy bin, and up to 1.5 tons (3500 lbs) and 10 days for typical household debris including toys, games, clothes, furniture, carpet, padding, and/or mattresses. It does NOT include TVs, Monitors, CRTs, paint, liquids, hazardous materials, drywall, sheetrock, shingles, dirt, rock, bricks, pavers, concrete, marble, porcelain, and/or other inert debris,

$375 (Additional Weight: $77/ton, Days: $25/day) Reserve NOW! ($375)

2. "Construction" - This rental includes one 12-14cy bin, and up to 2.0 tons (4000 lbs) and 14 days for typical construction debris including wood, carpet, padding, drywall, sheetrock, shingles, dirt, rock, bricks, pavers, concrete, marble, porcelain, and/or other inert debris, It does NOT include TVs, Monitors, CRTs, paint, liquids, and/or hazardous materials,

$398 (Additional Weight: $77/ton, Days: $25/day) Reserve NOW! ($398)

3. "Heavy weight/Extra Time" - This rental includes one 12-14cy bin for all tonnage up to 3 tons (6000 lbs) and 21 days. Maximum weight is 5 tons (10,000 lbs).. This rental is used for excessive weight or extended time periods.

$495 (Additional Weight: $77/ton, Days: $25/day) Reserve NOW! ($495)

4. "Bulk" - Typical bulk debris includes a single source of CLEAN brush, dirt, concrete, or asphalt. Bagged debris is NOT considered "Bulk". We can carry up to 5T (10,000 lbs), which, depending on the density of the debris, may be less than half of the volume of the bin. When possible, we only use 12 cubic yard bins for heavy bulk debris. Brush can NOT include stumps, but may be up to 22' in diameter. This rental includes one 12-14cy bin and 14 days. No mattresses or any furniture that contains padding or fluff.

$300, then all Weight is $50 ton (Additional Days: $25/day) Reserve with $300 Deposit

5. "Load & Go" - This rental is for live loads of debris in a single bin while the driver waits for your team to load the bin, up to one hour. This is ideal for tight spaces and/or quick loading. The bin can stay on the trailer, or be placed on the ground, whichever is more convenient for your situation. It included 2 tons (4000 lbs) of debris and 1 hour of driver wait time. Additional wait time is billed at $30 / hour.

$325 (Additional Weight: $77/ton Hours: $30/hour) Reserve NOW! ($325)

6. "Full Service Load & Go" - This rental is for live loads of debris, into a single bin, and we assist with, or perform the loading, including removal of item(s) from inside a home, business, or other edifice. The number of loaders is based on the expected debris. The price listed is based on the expectation of filling a 14 cubic yard bin with a maximum of 2 Tons of debris over the course of 2 man-hours. Additional tons are billed at $135/Ton, and additional loading hours are billed at $15/man-hour.

(Don't call Junk King, College Hunks Hauling Junk, 800-Got-Junk, as they are all national franchises that pay a franchise fee. Buy local and save!!)

$125 Minimum. $550 includes 14cy, 2 tons, & 2 man hours of load time.

Reserve with $125 Deposit

Call or send a Text Message to 571-357-3279, or email easybins@easy-bins.com


i. Guaranteed Time of Delivery or Pickup:

We make our schedule daily based on the most optimal "Traveling Salesman" algorithm, to minimize driver time and vehicle mileage, and your delivery / pickup time will fall into the most economic for our effort Thus, a guaranteed delivery / pickup times may make a less-than-optimal schedule, and, as such, we charge $25 for this service.

ii. Rush Delivery or Pickup - We make our schedule daily, and requests for delivery/pickup within a 24 hour period may be subject to a fee based on the additional time, mileage, and/or other expenses presented by the request. $50 min charge

iii. No-Pickup - If the bin cannot be picked up, due to being blocked or grossly overloaded: $100

iv. Debris flattening - If the bin cannot be covered by our built-in tarping system, which is attached to the trailer, due to overloading, sharp or jagged debris, or other situations that require the driver to perform remediation: $25 minimum charge

v. Bin Repositioning - A bin requiring repositioning at the same project site, due to no fault of Easy Bins: $50 minimum charge

vi. Excessive Unloading - A bin requiring excessive unload time or situations that cause an unsafe unloading situation. Examples include, loading carpet, padding, or drywall directly to the bottom of the bin. (When these get wet, they require hand unloading. They also cause an unsafe situation for the driver, as materials above the stuck debris must be addressed prior to removal of the stuck debris. Unbagged sawdust, leaves, or any other loose debris that may stick or require excessive effort to remove. Place plastic at the bottom of the dumpster when in doubt. $25 minimum charge.

vii. Co-mingling debris - Example of this are:

    • Adding construction debris to a household bin
    • Mixing trash with Brush and/or yard waste. (Keep as separate as possible.
    • Adding mattresses, chairs, couches, ottomans, or other "fluff" materials to a construction bin

viii. Unauthorized Items:

    • Any liquids, especially paint,
    • TVs, Computer Monitors,
    • Tires,
    • Carcasses, or any kind of Urine and/or Feces
    • Unbagged Leaves, Grass, Sand, Kitty Litter (especially used!!) and/or Sawdust

Inclusion of these will result in a fee that is commensurate with the cost and/or effort to either dispose of the items or return the items to your property or project location.

Call or send a Text Message to 571-357-3279, or email easybins@easy-bins.com

Loading Tips

  • Place mattresses on the top of the bin, over top of the other debris. This will protect our tarp from other sharp debris within the bin.
  • Please do not place cardboard, carpet, padding, mattresses and/or drywall at the bottom of the bin. When dry, it doesn't allow for easy slide out, but when wet, it sticks, and nothing will fall out. Place debris that is not water soluble on the bottom, then place the water soluble materials on top of it. When in doubt, consider adding 3mil, or thicker, plastic to the bottom of the bin.
  • Do not intermingle trash within brush debris. Brush must be placed in specific areas for recycling, and any trash must be picked out. An additional fee may be incurred for this. Take the time to tamp down the brush as low as possible so that it does not stick out above the top of the bin, especially out of the front.
  • When closing the doors, ensure that the clawfoot grabs, and that the close plate is shut first, before locking the doors with the closing bar. When in doubt, please ask.