Save Time and Sanity on the Weekends with a Dumpster Rental

Post date: May 2, 2013 2:30:29 AM

One of the added benefits to renting a dumpster in Northern VA is that your only job is to load the dumpster with your household or construction debris. Once it is loaded, practice your favorite wave good-bye, as that is all that is left to for you to do. If you don't believe that a Roll-off dumpster delivered to your driveway is a great idea, then

Dumpster Rentals help to avoid long lines at the Landfill in Northern VA

contrast this with Harry Homeowner, who spends his weekend hurried, harassed

Harry Homeowner Goes to the Landfill

On Saturday, he wakes up and drives to the rental truck/trailer lot and get a vehicle suitable for loading his debris. Since every other Harry Homeowner is there, he must wait in line for the release of the vehicle. Naturally, things can go wrong, and he can be left without a vehicle to rent, and he's wasted a trip, and his project must wait, too.

But, suppose the vehicle is procured, and Harry returns home, and starts to load. He has to take his wife to dinner that night, and he's already behind schedule. He commences loading the rented truck/trailer, all the while worried about scratching or damaging it. After watching his brother-in-law finish off all of the beer and pizza, Harry finally gets a little help with loading, by goading the in-law with a tap of the wristwatch.

With the vehicle loaded, Harry and his drunken in-law head off to the landfill to dispose of the debris. Now Harry finds all the same people he stood in line with at the rental depot are now with him again at the landfill. While waiting, the air conditioner in the rental truck struggles to keep up with the heat of the summer. and the dreaded in-law begins to feel ill.

After paying for the dump fees, Harry is granted access to the unload area, and backs into a patch of screws and nails, promptly beginning the deflation of a tire as Harry begins to discard the debris from the truck. After 30 minutes of moving that old couch and those boxes of books one more time, Harry dreams of a hot bath, ibuprofen, and a nap in his recliner. Unfortunately, when he makes it home to discard the brother-in-law, he discovers the now almost flat tire, and spends more time installing the spare.

Harry's wife comes out to check on his progress, and reminds him that his time is short, and Harry must now hurry back to the rental depot to return the truck where he finds all of his new friends waiting in front of him one more time. As the shadows grow long in the late afternoon, Harry speeds his way home, and is promptly pulled over for exceeding the speed limit. When Harry finally gets home, he walks in the door, collapses to the floor, and sleeps through dinner.

Call, Load, and Wave Goodbye

Don't be a Harry Homeowner. Call Easy Bins Dumpster Rentals and order a dumpster for delivery to your Fairfax, Springfield, Arlington, or Alexandria driveway. Load it at your desired pace over 7 days, and then wave goodbye as it rolls away for good. We'll take care of the delivery, the waiting, and the dumping leaving more time for you to enjoy that nap and a nice dinner with your better half.