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Frequently Asked Questions:

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1. What is the process of renting a dumpster?

a. Please visit our pricing page, and reserve via the desired option.  

b. You credit card is processed online via Wave. Be sure to provide the proper delivery address.

c. You fill the bin. (Don't overload it, and adhere to our no authorized items policy, please.) 

d. Please notify us when you are finished with the bin, and we will pick it up as soon as our schedule allows. 

e. We dump the contents. 

If there are any fees, damage to the bin, and/or additional tonnage or days, then we will invoice you accordingly.


2. How much does it cost to rent a dumpster from Easy Bins Dumpster Rentals of Northern VA?

Each of our dumpster rentals have a price point that combines the bin size, the allowed weight, and the number of days. Each price point includes delivery, pick-up, and disposal. Please see our dumpster rental pricing page for our current rates.


3. Why isn't the rental cheaper if I keep it for less number of days?

The price point of a dumpster rental is based more on the cost of the truck moving, rather than how long the dumpter sits at your project site.  Each rental includes a specific number of days, but you are not required to use them all. Just send us a message when you know what day you'd like to have the bin picked up. 


4. Will my driveway be damaged by the dumpster?

We strive to ensure that no damage occurs to your driveway due to our dumpster. At the least, we will place boards below the wheels during loading. (This is a complimentary service and is not always possible things like overhead obstructions or trees/bushes too close will make this impractical or not possible) You are welcome to provide your owns boards, too. We are now equipping our bins with softer rubber wheels and hope to have no steel wheels soon. 

See our Photo Gallery to see examples of the board placement.


5. Can I discard soil/concrete?

We do accept soil/concrete, but can only haul approximately 5cy at one time. This is a WEIGHT limitation of the equipment. Only our 15cy bins are offered for dirt/concrete, and they typically can ONLY be loaded half-way, or less. (Soil turns to mud in the rain, and caution must be taken when loading in expectation of the pickup.)

Dirt/Soil MUST be placed upon 3 to 6 mil plastic, to facilitate easy dumping, and it is not provided. If we are required to shovel the stuck debris from the bin, then an remediation charge is assessed.

We highly recommend that you schedule a Load & Go for heavy debris, such that the driver can monitor the loading.  We can set the bin on the ground, but pick it up before it achieves the maximum weight capacity.  After the bin is loaded on the truck, it may be possible to load more debris.


6. Why can't I load the bin higher than the bin walls?

We must cover our loads, and our system is designed for only the height of the bin. Further, sharp objects of all types will snag on the curtain, causing delays or tears. Overloaded bins will incur an hourly fee for remediation. 


7. Why don't you accept paint?

Most recycling centers do not accept paint, or if they do, only from the residents of the county. As a commercial hauler, we are not authorized to do so at any of these facilities. So, we must pay to discard it, and must pass that fee back to the consumer, of which most are unwilling to pay, when it's free to drop off on your own.


8. Why is there a same-day pickup fee?

Our schedule is usually set a day or so prior to the current day, which includes both our deliveries and pickups. The time and resources required to perform any rescheduling is passed back to the consumer.  We ask that you give us at least 2 days notices of pickups other than what is originally scheduled.


9. What does prorated mean?

Much like a mortgage or the rental of a apartment, prorated is a term that implies that you only pay for the amount you use. In real estate, if you only live in the property for 17 of 31 days, then you'll only pay for 17/31th of the full month's payment.

If you exceed the weight allotted for the rental,  then the additional weight is billed prorated. For example, if you exceed it by .80 of a Ton, then we charge you .8 x the tonnage fee. 


10. What items cannot be put in the dumpster?

We are limited by the landfills and recycling centers where we can discard your debris. Tires, TVs, Computer Monitors, Paint, Hazardous Materials, loose sawdust or kitty litter, insulation, & styrofoam are the biggest offenders. (Mattressses and Box Springs are only allowed with our Householder options. Please place them flat on top of the other debris. Do not put them at the bottom. Thanks.