Now Serving: Fredericksburg, VA

Post date: Sep 2, 2014 2:59:01 AM

In light of our recent move to Nokevsille, VA, we are now servicing Fredericksburg, VA. So, please tell everyone you know that is:

  • in the construction industry
  • a landscaper
  • moving
  • a realtor
  • a roofer
  • has water damage from a flooded basement
  • remodeling a kitchen or bathroom
  • cleaning out the garage
  • a landlord cleaning out a former tenant
  • removing a tree that fell on their house
  • relocating parent(s) moving to a smaller house / condo / townhouse
  • performing an estate cleanout
  • removing dirt or concrete

or any of the other thousands of reasons that people need a dumpster in Fredericksburg, VA.

We look forward to serving our Southern neighbors of the Northern VA area, and hope to see you soon.

Thank you!